Espacio Bogotá

La Balsa Arte started activities in 2014 in Bogotá, occupying a place in the Torres del Parque, heritage building. The objective was to represent, promote and exhibit the work of national artists, Colombians living abroad and international artists whose work reflects research processes in contemporary issues. Considering that the field of plastic is a powerful tool for thinking, confronting or reinterpreting the relationships of a globalized world, La Balsa Arte has focused on maintaining a close conversation with artists of several generations. Art research refers to the undertaking of any systematic activity whose objective is to expand the boundaries of understanding and knowledge, both aesthetic and in the social sciences, the relations between culture and society, development history of the current world.


In his years of activity, he has sponsored the participation of his artists in fairs, cultural exchanges, residences and logistical support for production. The gallery has two locations. In Medellín it opened its doors in 2017, recovering a house from the 30s of the 20th century, with a history linked to the arts in the city, in Bogotá it was moved to a place in the north of the city, close to hotels, restaurants and financial centers.